Dandy Engines has a new look & new website

Dandenong Engine Reconditioning has been around for a while now. We like to consider ourselves to be approachable, friendly and professional. With this in mind, all our customers always refer to us as ‘Dandy Engines’, we call ourselves ‘Dandy Engines’, so we thought we’d take some steps to make it official!

We won’t be changing the official name, but we are happy to be referred to as Dandy Engines, and the new look and website will now reflect this. It’s much easier to type too!

We hope that this new look will keep sending the message out that we are keeping up with the latest trends and will continue to be the professional machine shop that we are known for. The website will give us a chance to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, projects and client car news.

Your feedback is always appreciated, so if you have anything to say about it all, let us know via email or through the contact page.