Happy Customer – Brett’s Monaro

Following is an email that we received from a great client, Brett.

Frank, Lou and the boys,
I thought I would send you a few photos that Luke took from the Holden Nationals at Heathcote on the weekend.

First pass the monaro went 11.58 @ 116 with a 1.627 60 foot time. This was my fastest pass although on one pass I was a tenth of a second quicker to half track. All other passes were 11.7 – 11.9 at 114-115mph, temperature was 32-33 degrees all day.

Here are the details of my fastest pass:

ET: 11.58 sec
MPH: 116mph
60 foot: 1.6273
330 feett: 4.7417
660 feet: 7.3605
660MPH: 93.42
1000 feet: 9.6433

I couldnt beat the time all day and I think I was trying too hard. I tried various launch rpm,  shift points etc but didnt run any better. A little more practise and Ill get it sorted.

Id just like to thank you both for your outstanding help and advice. At the end of the day I love the outcome and it ran a hell of alot faster than I thought it would go, especially on a hot day. I cant wait for a nice cool day at Calder… and a sniff of nitrous!

Thanks again,

We are glad you were happy with the result, and look forward to the next step…