Our favorite “towie” Dazz

109_0268With a factory block and crank this 351ci Clevo has CHI heads a solid roller cam and makes a very healthy 642hp on race fuel and 617hp on pump fuel.

Fitted to an XT Falcon the car made top 60 at the recent Summernats in Canberra.

Darran is always there when we need him so we were very pleased when his engine project came up so well and to see the last minute running around to prep the car paid off.

Twin engines for twin brothers





Twins Brett and Troy like to do most things together so we were very pleased when the chose Dandy engines to build identacal 378 Ci Clevo’s for them.

With CHI heads and flat tappet cams both engines made around 580hp putting big smiles on the faces of the brothers and thier dad who came in to see the engines dono’d.

It was a real pleasure getting to know the twins and thier family and freinds who came in to visit us during the builds. We are looking forward to seeing the two XY’s up and running soon.

Drago’s 69 Camaro

hp-heaven-calder_park_private_test_and_tune-_la33770Drago’s 540 ci BBC has AFR heads, flat tappet cam , it runs 3.5 diff gears and 10.5 tyres and makes a very healthy 710 hp.

Best time on the track is 9.30 with the help of a small nitrous hit.

Incredibly Drago uses this car as his daily driver.

I’ll bet the nieghbours love it when he leaves early for work……….not.

Tony’s Project HQ


After showing good power on the dyno 1020hp on 15psi boost the turbo motor is now in the HQ and has seen the track a couple of times.

On only it’s 4th pass it ran a very respectable 9.90 @ 140 mph on 255 radial tyres but the next time out it split a speedflow trans line and Franky went for a ride on the wild side.

Sweet XT

Victor and Gino really know how to build a car. This beauitiful XT Fairmont not only looks great but really gets up and goes too.

A recent trip to Heathcote saw them run a 10.51 @ 129MPH in street trim with full exhaust and ET street tyres. That has drawn a lot of attention to this standard stroke 351 Cleveland. With 3V heads and manifold and lots of TLC the engine made 628hp on the pump.

Well done guys!