1600+hp Ford Windsor

Ben’s Ford Windsor 427ci small block comes alive on the dyno at Dandy Engines. The V8 is boosted by a pair of Precision 70mm turbos and Big Stuff EFI. The setup will be going into a Ford Falcon XP street car.

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Military precision

Dandy Engines played host to the “Project Digger” crew this week. After a  day on the dyno thier blown BB Ford made 938 HP and 835 ft lbs. Enough to smoke the tracks on a tank, let alone the tyres on thier project LTD.

We would like to thank CPL Ben Hewlett, CPL Chris Newman, CFN Doug Street and CFN Erin Taylor for spending time with us and showing how the Army does it. Thier precision and efficiency would rival the best professional race team and we could tell they love what they do, and have a lot of fun doing it.


1000+ HP Holden 308

After a long slow build we ran this engine up on the dyno recently. It’s 318ci after the factory crank was stroked to better suit the Chev pistons & rod configuration.

The 76mm s400 turbo is blowing thru a water to air intercooler, custom Holley carb and Harrop manifold. Other specs are: Forged pistons, H beam rods, custom flat tappet cam, ICE ignition. Block and heads are factory cast iron. End result was 1020 HP and 1070 ft lb with a concervative tune and 25 psi boost.

It’s new home will be Tony’s HQ featured in an earlier post.