Congratulations Adrian

hp-heaven-calder_park_private_test_and_tune-_la33380Youngest member of the Dandy Engines crew Adrian is now Australia’s fastest “true street” with a 10.0 pass @135 mph recently.

Being only the second time out “Age” is hoping for more out of the “X DUB” yet.










Yeah Yeah OK mate……………………now back to work.

You’re posing in front of the wrong engine too……by the way.

Slight overshoot on power output

109_0298When Ford Engineer Brett had us build him a new motor for his project car he had one specific requirement. He said “I need to try and get 460ftlb of torque”.

So not wanting to dissapoint we did everything we could to make sure the 408ci Clevo was a ”torky motor”. When we put it on the dyno it turned out to be a real stump puller with 515ftlb……………oops……………..sorry bout that Brett.

Maybe you could put some sand bags in the boot to slow it down a bit.

Our favorite “towie” Dazz

109_0268With a factory block and crank this 351ci Clevo has CHI heads a solid roller cam and makes a very healthy 642hp on race fuel and 617hp on pump fuel.

Fitted to an XT Falcon the car made top 60 at the recent Summernats in Canberra.

Darran is always there when we need him so we were very pleased when his engine project came up so well and to see the last minute running around to prep the car paid off.

Twin engines for twin brothers





Twins Brett and Troy like to do most things together so we were very pleased when the chose Dandy engines to build identacal 378 Ci Clevo’s for them.

With CHI heads and flat tappet cams both engines made around 580hp putting big smiles on the faces of the brothers and thier dad who came in to see the engines dono’d.

It was a real pleasure getting to know the twins and thier family and freinds who came in to visit us during the builds. We are looking forward to seeing the two XY’s up and running soon.

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