Happy Customer – Brett’s Monaro

Following is an email that we received from a great client, Brett.

Frank, Lou and the boys,
I thought I would send you a few photos that Luke took from the Holden Nationals at Heathcote on the weekend.

First pass the monaro went 11.58 @ 116 with a 1.627 60 foot time. This was my fastest pass although on one pass I was a tenth of a second quicker to half track. All other passes were 11.7 – 11.9 at 114-115mph, temperature was 32-33 degrees all day.

Here are the details of my fastest pass:

ET: 11.58 sec
MPH: 116mph
60 foot: 1.6273
330 feett: 4.7417
660 feet: 7.3605
660MPH: 93.42
1000 feet: 9.6433

I couldnt beat the time all day and I think I was trying too hard. I tried various launch rpm,  shift points etc but didnt run any better. A little more practise and Ill get it sorted.

Id just like to thank you both for your outstanding help and advice. At the end of the day I love the outcome and it ran a hell of alot faster than I thought it would go, especially on a hot day. I cant wait for a nice cool day at Calder… and a sniff of nitrous!

Thanks again,

We are glad you were happy with the result, and look forward to the next step…

Willowbank Powercruise ProStreet Shootout – Runners Up

We recently made our way up to Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway for the Powercruise ProStreet Shootout #5. Working hard in the lead up to enter the True Street Class, we were rewarded with a Runner’s Up place in our class.

Powercruise ProStreet ShootoutPowercruise ProStreet Shootout

Part of our problem is that we keep running too fast! We ran a 9.68 @ 141.7 mph. This was of course full street trim and with a full weight of 3526 pounds. Thanks to everyone who helped make the trip possible, and stay tuned for more racing news.

Photo credits to Jason Harrison.

Tony’s HQ

Here are some details on another great client’s car.

Tony’s Gold HQ ran 10.73 @ 129mph in full street trim on its first run out.
The HQ has a 308cui Holden engine with a single turbo carby combo, and ran with DOT tyres, full interior, full exhaust on pump fuel!

Plenty more to come with this car, so keep watching for more details and times. 

Congratulations Tony!

Tony\'s Gold HQ

Image courtesy of FullBOOST.com.au


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